Yeah, go shoot.      Hello! My name is Syvil, you can call me Syv for short, some people scream for Kisha, my cyber name. I’m half human half beast. I suck with intro’s by the way. I tend to yap about nonsensical things, especially when i’m nervous. Oooh, so now i’m being a bummer again. I’ll make this one short, okay? This is strictly for those who’ve been asking things about me and for theme purposes only. :3

Getting old every twenty second of July. Single. I am from Davao but currently residing here in Quezon City, Manila. Youngest among five siblings. A college graduate with a Bachelors Degree of AB Psychology. An independent woman and not spoiled—okay, a little. Have a love-hate relationships with books, television, people, relationships and most likely with sweet foods. I love writing. It has been one of my attractive talents. *coughs and gave out a smirk smile* I’m not a snob but can be pretty much a pain in the ass. A jealous girlfriend, if in any case but a trustworthy and better friend. Half-baked crazy. I’m totally not an over-achiever but i don’t mind being in a competition either. Made lots of plans on how to put my life on the brinks, yet failed many times to do some of them. I’m not fond about other social media stuff, which led us to the part where you guys most probably think i’m anti-social, but i am not—i just have this tendency to keep my life a little more private from the other ones—so let’s be clear, i only have two accounts which at most times i tend to be active with: Tumblr and Facebook. Just so you know, i recently joined Twitter. Has a penchant for unusual things, anticipates monthly periods, and you must know that my mood swings from time to time—yeah, so beware. I sing only in showers and in the four corners of my room. I don’t usually comb my hair, i wear over-sized t-shirts when at home or outside—occasionally, i also love sleeping wearing nothing at all perhaps, undies.

I have a close relationship with both of my parents, i tell them most about everything in my life. I have an Ophidiophobia and Claustrophobia. I do have trust issues—especially when it comes to girl-boy thingy. I have an average amount of food intake. Strictly forbidden to take any alcoholic drinks and cigarettes which means i just quit taking any of the following. I’ve been wanting to have a tattoo since i graduated from college but i’m not sure if my doctor would approve it neither does my parents. Has a wild dream of flying, thus i love to travel and trying new things most of the time. I’m usually not fond of crowded places. I like things that are bright and cute, who doesn’t like them anyway. Pfft. I love horror, cartoons and action packed movies. I’m not fond of having sex, i just love the idea of sleeping with someone that consist my sexual preference.

Okay, this is enough people, my brain needs a refresher since i’ve been writing some interview questions and answering them all by myself all day long and i am not pulling an all nighter. I think my head just cracked.

I’m not up for popularity gain or anything like that. I just want my thoughts to be heard, well may not be always as it is, but i want my thoughts to be noted, that it may one day help me in sorting things on my own. I’m basically a sucker for love and life. And oh, i have deep love and sexual admiration for Ely Buendia.

And please do take note that when you’re talking to me, refrain using words that are too difficult to be understood because when you do, hypothetically, all i hear is just blaaah—bablah bablah bablah.

    Kinikilig na ako sa One More Chance. :|
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